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Hi, my real name is Harry with a slight adjustment to Mudie gives you Mudini. So Harry Mudini came into existence around 1994 with sounding like Houdini it raised a few eyebrows but all to the good!

I started out doing more serious magic but soon learned the kids were not interested they wanted fun magic so a quick u turn of ideas and some colourful outfits and we were on the fun trail. I have learned so much from the kids in the last twenty odd years they are always throwing new ideas at me and I take these and develop them and they end up as new routines.

As a team we have developed an illusion show and cabaret show we perform these for weddings or corporate events also holiday parks and theatres.

Weddings have become a big part of our magic business performing for the kids or table top magic for the adults also the cabaret show as part of the evening entertainment.

Wedding Magician

I can entertain the kids at a wedding while the photo’s are being taken this can be 1 or 2 hours. The entertainment can be a magic performance/balloon modelling/disco or all of these.

Wedding Magician

Table top magic this can be performed at any time during function during photo shoot / pre meal / in the evening to include evening guests.

Wedding Cabaret Show

This can be performed as part of the evening entertainment and can last up to one hour or be tailored to your time requirements. This show contains magic for everyone adults and kids (no offensive material).

Kids show

I have been a kids show entertainer for the last 24 years as of 2018, I carry three different shows with me at all times because as we all know some kids are five going on fifteen so i pitch the show at the level for the kids in front of me. All the shows are fun shows so lots of laughter. In most cases we have sweep the rabbit to end the show he is very popular with the kids. You can also add extras to you show like of balloon modelling and face painting .we carry a range of party prizes for the games too.

Kids party packages

Magic Show 1 Hour / Disco Show 2 Hours / Just Disco 2 or 3 Hours.